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Our Ethos
Our Ethos

ProDiveUK is dedicated to professional level diver training. All courses completed with us will be fun, engaging and varied providing you with a range of tools and skills to become a standout and employable instructor.

Led by Bethan, our network of experts will add value to your training across the different disciplines, broadening your knowledge and equipping you with a range of skills,  top tips and ideas for the different techniques ready for you to take them into your teaching career.

We’ve got experience conducting all levels of professional training in the UK, Spain, Egypt and the Caribbean with more locations to come.

Mission Statement


“Delivering top class, bespoke training to create confident, caring and capable PADI professionals”
Bethan Comley - PADI Course Director &
Elite Instructor

The reason I became a PADI Course Director is that I am passionate about teaching and want to help people become the best they can as a PADI Professional.

I think it’s so important that people have a broad awareness of what influences people and how they can be aware of their own personality traits that I have designed workshops around this and implemented them into the training that I deliver. I am also an EFR Mental Health Awareness instructor which I can honestly say is one of the best and most valuable courses that I can teach outside the pro umbrella.

Underwater, I love watching the interactions of marine life. Whether it is crayfish in a freshwater lake in the UK or damsel fish in the Red Sea, I find it fascinating how all the different species work harmoniously together for the health of their eco system.

When I am underwater, it is completely amazing to feel so free and privileged to be able to witness these wonders of our planet which most people can only dream of.




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