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The Instructor Examination

We want you to feel entirely comfortable with every part of the training process before you begin so we've put together a little information on the IE to put your mind at ease.

When people hear the phrase “IE” or “Instructor Examination” when they are looking to complete their IDC, they are often gripped with fear and worry as for some, it will have been quite some time since they last had the experience of sitting through a set of assessments.


hat is really happening over the period of assessment is that PADI staff are checking that we have taught you effectively and correctly and that you are completely ready to become a PADI Instructor.

There is nothing that you have to do within the IE that you won’t have done multiple times throughout the IDC, you just have different people working with you and making sure they are happy with your performance.

The evaluation will take place over the course of two consecutive days and, as mentioned above, is facilitated by independent assessors who are all completely lovely and also members of staff from one of the PADI offices.


The examiners aren’t the police, they’re not looking to trip you up and really want you to succeed as much as we do.

We will also be with you every step of the way to support you logistically and often emotionally to make sure that come the end of day two, you will come away walking a couple of inches taller and with a big smile on your face as a newly certified PADI Instructor!


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