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Our Mentor Programme

Becoming a PADI Pro is an amazing and rewarding role but it's often a big decision and outside of your immediate network of instructors and dive buddies, it's sometimes difficult to find the impartial advice that you need to make sure that the decision is right for you. This is why we have set up a network of hand picked Mentors who are here to offer you advice, be a sounding board and to also answer any questions that you may have about moving forward in your diving career.

Nirusha Vigi - MSDT

I've always had a life-long love affair with the water but I fell in love with scuba diving in 2010 when I ascended from my first open water dive in the UK. Since that moment, I’ve had nothing but memorable experiences from diving with playful seals who love to nibble on my pink fins in the Farne Islands, nurse sharks and goliath groupers off West Palm Beach, angel sharks in the Canary Islands, reef sharks in the Bahamas, skittish sea lions in California, the majestic whale sharks on their migration route off the coast in Mexico, and my ultimate favourite, the Red Sea where I spent 3 months circled by schools of over 30 hammerheads, close encounters with oceanic white-tips, seeing rare and elusive frogfish and swimming with pods of wild dolphins. Just in case that hasn’t given it away, sharks are my absolute favourite animal.

But it’s by no means all about the sharks or even the incredible natural encounters with these incredible marine creatures. I get the same warm fuzzy feeling and smile spreading across my face when my open water student clears their mask for the first time after I’ve addressed their concerns, or when the disengaged student desperate for another specialty thanks me for explaining how important a part they can play as an individual diver in the issue of shark conservation, or even when a student previously taught by me contacts me in a flurry of excitement to tell me how they have finally seen a shark. Those are the moments that are exclusive to being a PADI pro, and ProDive UK is the place to get that individual tailored support and training to help you achieve that on all levels. I was lucky enough to have some great networks who recommended ProDive UK to me, and since making that decision, the support I have received and the relationships built with my mentors and peers have continued.

What Bettie says

"Nirusha's enthusiasm and passion for the underwater world is totally infectious and this is evident whether she is teaching beginners or more advanced level courses. She will always keep things fun to put people at ease but is also a brilliant sounding board when there are problems to be solved."

Paul Hamilton - MSDT

I have dived on and off since I was 13 through various agencies. I started with PADI in the Maldives in 2015 and got totally hooked. On returning to England I took my Advanced Open Water with the Dive School at Stoney Cove in Leicester. Then worked my way through the courses and specialities until the rescue course. From there I enrolled on the Dive Master program.  I got to dive on loads of courses and with many different instructors who helped me gain experience and knowledge. I worked nearly every weekend for two years to earn my Dive Master qualification.  At that time I knew I wanted to be an instructor and was lucky to find Pro Dive at the dive show.

In my own diving I found a love for technical diving and ventured into the challenging world of cave and mine diving. I took a further two years to qualify as a fully fledged cave diver and I love it. Now I share my love for diving by teaching. I love this aspect and feel it is a privilege to introduce people to this amazing world. 

The future for me is about extending my time in caves using new equipment and techniques to push my range and explore new places. 

I have dived in many different places. From beautiful reefs to stunning cave systems. On wrecks and in lakes. There is something for everyone at all levels and its for us to show them the way.

What Bettie says

"Paul is extremely knowledgeable and is passionate about pushing himself to learn new skills and techniques and is always happy to share these with anyone that also wants to further their own development. He is exceptionally patient and his calm manner puts everyone at ease, no matter what course he is teaching."

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