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Staffing Our IDCs

Join us for some hands on experience teaching and staffing our IDCs so you can really utilise your Staff Instructor rating and help to mould the future generation of PADI Instructors.

As a Staff Instructor, the mentor relationship with AI or OWSI candidates is key to their success and this is often one of the most rewarding relationships that you will have as a PADI Pro.

Staffing with us at ProDiveUK is a great way to work towards your Master Instructor rating and we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

We like you to get completely stuck in during the training and are happy to let you lead some of the classroom sessions and workshops to help build your experience.

Our IDCs always integrate EFR Instructor training and Specialty Instructor training too so you really will get a complete experience with wide ranging exposure to a range of techniques and hopefully a lot of tips along the way.

If you are an EFRIT, let us know as we're always happy to let you lead the training so you too can start building up your Pro Level certifications.

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