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Added Extras

We want you to succeed and get the job of your dreams, so here are just a few ways that we go the extra mile to help you.
IDC Preparation

Before you begin your Instructor Development Course it's a good idea to pick one of our three IDC Preparation packages, to compliment the self-study you will be doing leading up to the course.

  • Option 1 GOOD - We will send you our “theory made easy” document so that you can work through the main five areas of dive theory that you need to get familiar with, before the IDC starts. There is no time within the IDC to teach theory, it’s expected that you have the knowledge as a prerequisite, so it is important that you take this seriously and spend some time on it. We will also send you a copy of the encyclopedia of recreational diving to help with your studies, and the dive knowledge workbook.  This option is £75.

  • Option 2 BETTER - We are massive fans of the Dive Theory online that PADI have developed and we highly recommend that you take this option if you are not already 100% confident across the board with your theory. It is beautifully presented and guides you through what you need to know in an easy-to-understand way. You do quizzes as you and knowledge reviews at the end, which actually count towards your IDC, so it’s really relevant and only costs £100. We will of course also still send you our “theory made easy” document, as an extra quick reference tool.

  • Option 3 FABULOUS - If you aren’t a fan of working through things only your own, then come and join us for a two day IDC preparation course including Emergency o2 Provider Instructor training. The cost is £250 however if you are doing your IDC with us we reduce this to just £150. We will work through all of the theory, and also give you some other hints, tips and hacks to make your IDC go smoothly and successfully. Dates for this are available on request, so please get in touch.

Help Save Our Ocean Planet

We train each and every IDC candidate to be a Dive Against Debris Instructor - free of charge - because we are passionate that we should all be doing our part in rescuing the planet and the oceans, and we feel if we do this for you, hopefully you will pay it forward and do something similar for your students, so there are thousands more divers around the world removing marine debris and logging their findings with Project Aware to enable better lobbying of governments globally to tackle this issue.

Free Emergency First Response Instructor Training

We are both DAN Dive Medic Technicians, meaning we have received some very in-depth training and experience in pre-hospital level care.  Our EFRI courses therefore are like no other - both in terms of content, depth and fun!  We believe that these skills are so crucial to all dive professionals that we do not charge you a penny for the training, zilch, nada, nothing. You're welcome.